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Morven Road

Morven Road Body Balm

Morven Road Body Balm

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Morven Road Body Balm is the most concentrated product, and provides a comforting hydration while also providing a barrier that stops stripping of natural oils and moisture from the skin. This product is great for people who are washing their hands a lot during a typical day, and for those out in the elements. It is also a great application to address nappy rash; and for dry and cracked lips and skin.

The products come with several options of essential oil aromas. These essential oils are formulated to combine with the slight peppery note from the horopito and a herbal note from the hemp seed oil. The essential oil formulations include Lavender; Tea Tree and Sweet Orange; and Bergamot, Pineapple and Mango

Lavender is known for its calming properties, and it has been used to sooth skin irritation. Tea Tree and Sweet Orange combines the healing properties of Tea Tree with the soothing power of Sweet Orange to calm dry and irritated skin. Bergamot also has factors that are helpful in bringing comfort to skin. It is also an uplifting and calming aroma.

This product contains: Lanolin EP grade, Hemp seed oil infused with horopito and raspberry leaves, beeswax, and essential oils according to indicated aroma.

Note that the 'naked' variety does not contain any essential oils. This is only made by prior arrangement, so you will need to contact us before ordering this.  



The balms, butters and creams are presented in glass jars with lids, in the hope that the customer can either re-use or recycle the containers. The jars are packed into recyclable cardboard boxes with washed sheeps wool. The wool can be put onto a garden and will eventually feed the plants through the microbes and soil.

A moisturiser bar is molded into a little cake, and then packaged with a waxy paper into a little tin box for convenience. The lip balm is presented in a little tin for easy transport and convenience. Sheepy goodness for on the go!


$6.50 within NZ for 1-2 jar products, $8.50 for 3-4 jar products, extra $5.00 for rural delivery. $36.00 for International delivery.


Jars are 40-60 mm in diameter and 35 - 70 mm in height. Bars in tins are between 40 mm - 45 mm in diameter and 15 mm - 20 mm in height.

User Instructions

Keep in cool place. Use potted products liberally on skin. Use moisture bars liberally on skin. Use lip balm on lips, but can also be used on other skin.

While these products can be ingested, it is not recommended because the taste is not fabulous and there is not a large nutritional benefit.

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