Some questions that may have crossed your mind...

Do you post outside of New Zealand?

We do post outside of New Zealand! It will cost about NZD$36.00, and will take up to 8 days to be delivered as a tracked parcel, but yes! we do offer our lovely skin care to outside of New Zealand.

How are Horopito and Kawakawa related?

Both Horopito and Kawakawa are called pepper trees, but they are from different families, and have different bio-activity profiles. Find out more about anti-fungal and anti-microbial Horopito here:

Some people say Lanolin can be a problem, why is that?

In the olden times (pre 1990) when someone developed skin irriation from lanolin, it was from residual pesticides. These insecticides were necessary to treat insect attacks on the sheep, but some remained in the wool grease after the wool was removed from the sheep. Modern sheep farming practices minimise the use of pesticides, so that residues at the start of processing the wool grease are not at the levels that they used to be. Additionally, modern lanolin processing techniques also remove most of the remaining pesticide residues. As an added precaution, we have chosen lanolin that has been super purified to remove residues to a degree that passes a European Pharacuetical Standard and is called EP grade, and so the chance of skin irritation from the pesticide residues in lanolin is negligible.


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