About Us and Morven Road

Our goal: Produce beneficial products that have been inspired from sheep farming and other natural New Zealand resources. 

Frances grew up on the farm in South Otago and has gone on to complete post-graduate degrees in Chemistry, and work as a teacher and researcher. Two years ago she moved back to Otago after many years in Europe, and she was keen to use her experience and knowledge to benefit the wool industry somehow.

Amy grew up in East Otago, and has travelled and worked extensively overseas before returning to partner with her father and run a successful horticultural business. She met and married Victor and moved to partner with him in running a successful sheep, beef, and wool enterprise in South Otago. 

We have thrown around a number of product ideas over the preceding 2 years, but have settled on our skin care range, which has hero ingredients of lanolin and hemp seed oil. It has been very important that we develop a business that offers excellent products and service to our customers; at the same time as being both financially and environmentally sustainable, and that supports and champions local and New Zealand made components. We have landed on a product line that combines all of our experience and knowledge into skin care that we have tested extensively and are proud to offer to our customers.

Lanolin is secreted by the sheep to condition the wool and skin, just like skin sebum of a human. It is a complex mixture of waxes and oils that are biologically beneficial and cannot be artificially copied. We have sourced a very pure grade of lanolin, one that has been purified of any residual pesticides. Our hemp seed oil has been sourced from South Island growers and offers many benefits from the canabinol content and other nutritional factors. These locally sourced components are supplemented with infusions of raspberry leaves and horopito leaves, which grow spray free, and are harvested on the farm; the raspberry leaves from a berry orchard and the horopito from the surrounding native bush. The beeswax has been sourced from a local apiarist, and the lavender essential oil from a lavender farm on the Taieri Plain.

If you have any questions, then please contact us.